A collection of written and spoken word resources for private worship.



The following items have been compiled to help with private worship, whilst church services are suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic.

29th March 2020 – 10am Service:
The Raising of Lazerus

Hymn: Breath on me breath of God (Edwin Hatch)

22nd March 2020 – 10am Service:
As we are together in spirit:

Psalm 23
Ephesians 5:8-14
John chapter 9
Hymn: Faithful One (Robin Mark)

Mid-week Reflections

Resources for Lent and during the Coronavirus pandemic

Crossway.org have a free download of the ebook, The Final Days of Jesus.
Time to Pray is now a free download for mobile devices.
St Thomas Church in Newcastle upon Tyne has page of resources to use whilst it is not possible to worship together.  There is also a section on activities for children.