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A message from Home for Good

Please see the following message and short film from Home for Good:

As we head further into 2021, I wanted to provide a brief update about our work with Nottinghamshire County Council and to ask you to help us reach more individuals across the county with our vision that together we can find a home for every child who needs one.

The need for more foster families is urgent. Every fifteen minutes in the UK, a child will come into care, and In Nottinghamshire, there are currently more than 950 children in the care of the local authority. At least 50 new foster families are needed to ensure every child in care has the home they need. Home for Good are working with Nottinghamshire County Council to call on our church community to step up to care for the most vulnerable children in their area.

We have made a short new film to communicate this urgent need. Please can you help us by sharing this in your church, with your colleagues, and through your social media platforms.

As Christians, we recognise that the current situation isn’t a reflection of how God intended things to be and so, at Home for Good we are seeking individuals who will meet this need, and church communities to wrap around in support of them and the children they will care for.  We’ve seen incredible responses from churches across the UK over the last twelve months to the need of vulnerable children, but we also know that the impact of the pandemic on children’s lives is only starting to become obvious and for many the impact will be felt for years to come.

We believe the church has a crucial part to play, not just in this time of heightened need, but by providing a longer term, sustainable solution for children in care. We believe this is a great opportunity for people across Nottinghamshire churches to make a long and lasting difference in the lives of children in the county, both in caring for these children and in wrapping around in support of families who step forward.

If you would like to learn more please contact Home for Good